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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
Getting Started
Working With Objects
Modifying Objects
  • Modifiers Intro
  • Modifier Sets
  • Grayed Out Buttons
  • Segmentation & Modifiers
  • Limits
  • Axis/Coordinate System Pt.1
  • Axis/Coordinate System Pt.2
  • Modifier Order
  • Instanced/Make Unique
Transforming & Cloning
  • Transforms Intro
  • Move/Reference Coordinates
  • Rotate
  • Transforms: Screen Handle
  • Unconstrained Rotation
  • Scale
  • Squash
  • Numeric Transforms: Move
  • Numeric Transforms: Rotation
  • Numeric Transforms: Scale
  • Reset XForm
  • Cloning Intro
  • Viewing Clone Dependencies
  • Mirror Clone
  • Arrays
Previewing & Rendering
  • Intro to Previewing & Rendering
  • Animation: > Make Preview
  • ActiveShade
  • Rendering
  • Rendering to Still-Image File Formats
  • Network & Background Rendering Pt.1
  • Network & Background Rendering Pt.2
Groups & Layers
  • Groups: Intro
  • Group: Open/Close/Ungroup/Explode
  • Group: Attach/Detach
  • Layers Toolbar
  • Layers Manager
Using 2D Shapes To Make 3D Objects
  • 2D Shapes
  • Lathing a Line (Wine Glass)
  • Lathing a Circle (Helmet)
  • Extrude (Text & Star)
  • Lofted Objects: Intro
  • Lofting Using Multiple Shapes
  • Using Deformation Curves
  • Easy Modification of Lofts
  • Vertices: Corner/Bezier/Smooth
Working With Precision/To Scale
  • Working To Scale/Viewport Setup
  • Using Snaps/Snaps Toolbar Pt.1
  • Using Snaps/Snaps Toolbar Pt.2
  • Quick Align
  • Keyboard Entry/Align
  • Clone & Align
  • Normal Align
Surface Modeling
  • Introduction to Surface Modeling
  • Editable Mesh (Flashlight) Pt.1
  • Editable Mesh (Flashlight) Pt.2
  • NURBS Pt.1
  • NURBS Pt.2
  • Editable Patch
  • Editable Poly Pt.1
  • Editable Poly Pt.2
  • Paint Deformation Pt.1
  • Paint Deformation Pt.2
  • Edit Poly Modifier
  • Paint Soft Selection
Materials & Maps
  • Intro to Materials/Maps & Shaders
  • Ambient/Diffuse/Specular/Opacity
  • Using Bitmap Maps
  • Save Scene Materials in Library
  • Save from Material Editor to Library
  • Put Material to Library
  • Tiling & Offset
  • Procedural Maps Intro
  • Checker
  • Blur/Blur Offset
  • Put Material to Scene
  • Reflection & Refraction
  • Bump (Noise)
  • Specular Map (Falloff/Gradient)
  • Opacity (Falloff)
  • Opacity (Gradient/Noise)
  • Diffuse Map (Mix/Splat/Cellular)
  • Multi/Sub-Object Materials/Material IDs
  • Changing Material IDs of Sub-Objects
  • Using Shapes to Set Material IDs
  • Attaching Objects Creates MSO Materials
  • The Ink'N'Paint Material
  • The Unwrap UVW Modifier Pt.1
  • The Unwrap UVW Modifier Pt.2
  • Mask (Falloff/Waves)
  • mental ray Materials (DGS) Pt.1
  • mental ray Materials (DGS) Pt.2
Animation - Introduction
  • Animation/Scene Setup
  • Animation: Auto Key
  • Animation: Set Key
  • Deleting & Editing Keys
  • Key Filters
Basic Cameras & Lights
  • Standard Cameras (Target/Free)
  • Controls (Dolly/Perspective)
  • Controls (Roll/Orbit/Pan/Truck/FOV)
  • Parameters (Show Cone/Clipping Planes)
  • Standard Free Light
  • Standard Target Light
  • Hotspot/Falloff
  • Aligning Cameras & Lights
  • Decay
  • Near & Far Attenuation
  • Omni (Exclude)
  • Projector Maps
  • Daylight Pt.1
  • Daylight Pt.2
  • Daylight Pt.3
Atmospheric Effects
  • Fire Effect Pt.1
  • Fire Effect Pt.2
  • Fire Effect Pt.3
  • Volume Fog
  • Fog Pt.1
  • Fog Pt.2
  • Fog Pt.3
  • Volume Light
Rigging Intro
  • Skin & Bones Pt.1
  • Skin & Bones Pt.2
  • Control Objects
  • Custom Attributes Pt.1
  • Custom Attributes Pt.2
  • MAXScript: degToRad
  • Attribute Holder Modifier
  • Parameter Collector Pt.1
  • Parameter Collector Pt.2
  • Parameter Collector Pt.3
Bones - Skinning - Rigging
  • Creating the Dolphin Bones Pt.1
  • Creating the Dolphin Bones Pt.2
  • Creating the Dolphin Bones Pt.3
  • Naming the Bones
  • Bones Linking - Forward Kinematics (FK)
  • Creating a Center of Mass
  • Creating Control Objects Pt.1
  • Creating Control Objects Pt.2
  • Creating Control Objects Pt.3
  • Creating Control Objects Pt.4
  • Creating Control Objects Pt.5
  • Making Bones Non-Renderable
  • Skinning Pt.1
  • Skinning Pt.2
  • Skinning Pt.3
  • Locking Down Bones
  • Locking Down Control Objects Pt.1
  • Locking Down Control Objects Pt.2
  • Custom Attributes Pt.1
  • Custom Attributes Pt.2
  • Correcting the Hierarchy
  • Using the Rig Pt.1
  • Using the Rig Pt.2
  • Inverse Kinematics Pt.1
  • Inverse Kinematics Pt.2
  • Inverse Kinematics Pt.3
  • Combining FK & IK Pt.1
  • Combining FK & IK Pt.2
  • Limiting IK - Creating Bones
  • Limiting IK - Skinning
  • Limiting IK - IK Limits
Reaction Manager
  • Intro to Reaction Manager
  • Adding/Moving/Scaling & Deleting States
  • Create Mode
  • Edit Mode
  • Editing States Numerically
  • List Controller with Reaction Mgr.Pt.1
  • List Controller with Reaction Mgr.Pt.2
  • Create State
  • Using Reaction Mgr.& IK - Expose TM Pt.1
  • Using Reaction Mgr.& IK - Expose TM Pt.2
Animation - Motion Controllers
  • Motion Controllers - Introduction
  • List Controllers
  • Animation Menu - Controllers
  • Trajectories Pt.1
  • Trajectories Pt.2
  • Track View - Curve Editor Pt.1
  • Track View - Curve Editor Pt.2
  • Track View - Dope Sheet Pt.1
  • Track View - Dope Sheet Pt.2
Particles - Space Warps - Morphs - VP
  • Particle Systems - Basics & Presets
  • SuperSpray Particle System Pt.1
  • SuperSpray Particle System Pt.2
  • Materials for Particles
  • Space Warps - Overview & Creating
  • Dynamics - Bouncing a Sphere
  • PDeflector - Bouncing Particles
  • Particle Flow Pt.1
  • Particle Flow Pt.2
  • Morph Compound Object
  • Morpher Modifier
  • Video Post Pt.1
  • Video Post Pt.2
  • Intro
  • Rigid Bodies Pt.1
  • Rigid Bodies Pt.2
  • Rigid Bodies Pt.3
  • Creating Initial Velocity
  • Soft Bodies Pt.1
  • Soft Bodies Pt.2
  • Soft Bodies Pt.3
  • Cloth
Low Poly Modeling - Animation - Maps
  • TurboSmooth
  • Skin Wrap Modifier Pt.1
  • Skin Wrap Modifier Pt.2
  • Skin Wrap Modifier Pt.3
  • Skin Wrap - Face Limit
  • Skin Wrap Local Parameters Pt.1
  • Skin Wrap Local Parameters Pt.2
  • Skin Wrap Local Parameters Pt.3
  • Skin Wrap Local Parameters Pt.4
  • Skin Wrap Patch Modifier
  • Normal Maps Pt.1
  • Normal Maps Pt.2
  • About the Author

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