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This 3DS Max 2009 Tutorial Video Online Training is intuitive, effective and fun. In a series of hands-on lessons, you'll learn all of the tips and tricks you have to know to get the most out of this powerful 3D graphics and animation application. By breaking 3DS Max down into a series of short, engaging videos, you can focus on one thing at a time and gradually develop a complete understanding of the software without getting confused or overwhelmed at any point. Perfect for beginners, the course follows a logical progression, starting with basic concepts and tasks before shifting to more involved techniques as you gain more skill. There are many books on the market that claim to make learning 3DS Max easy, but at its very core, it's a visually centered program, and only video instruction can really do it justice. These studio quality instructional videos are accessible right from your browser, and you can pause, fast forward or rewind at any time. Sign up for the unlimited subscription plan and get immediate access to the full contents of this course. You'll also get to view hundreds of hours of tutorial video online training for other software, as well.

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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
User Interface (UI)
Scene Management
Different Tools
  • Mirror
  • Array
  • Align
  • Snapshot
Display Tools
  • Hiding & Unhiding Objects
  • Freezing & Unfreezing Objects
  • Hide by Category & Selection Filters
  • Some Display Properties
  • Display Floater
Groups & Cloning
  • Cloning
  • Working with Groups pt. 1
  • Working with Groups pt. 2
3D Primitives & Modifiers
  • Standard Primitives
  • Extended Primitives
  • Doors & Windows
  • AEC Extended
  • Stairs
  • Different Modifiers pt. 1
  • Different Modifiers pt. 2
  • Modifier Stack
  • Configure Modifier Sets
2D Shapes
  • Different 2D Shapes
  • 2D Shapes as Models
  • Edit Spline vs. Editable Spline
  • Loading Background Images
  • Editing Background Images in Photoshop
  • Editing 2D Shapes pt. 1
  • Editing 2D Shapes pt. 2
  • Editing 2D Shapes pt. 3
  • Building 3D Objects from 2D Shapes pt. 1
  • Building 3D Objects from 2D Shapes pt. 2
  • Lofting pt. 1
  • Lofting pt. 2
  • Lofting pt. 3
Polygonal Modeling
  • Edit Mesh vs. Editable Mesh
  • Edit Poly vs. Editable Poly
  • Selection Tools
  • Soft Selections
  • Edit Vertices Rollout
  • Edit Edges Rollout
  • Edit Borders Rollout
  • Edit Polygons Rollout pt. 1
  • Edit Polygons Rollout pt. 2
  • Edit Geometry Tools pt. 1
  • Edit Geometry Tools pt. 2
  • Subdivision Surface Tools
  • Painting Deformation
  • TurboSmooth & MeshSmooth
  • Symmetry
  • ProBoolean
Introduction to Materials
  • Basics of the Material Editor
  • Different Shader Types
  • Some Shader Parameters
  • Applying 2D Map Co-ordinates & Bump Mapping
  • Applying 3D Maps & Show End Result Toggle
  • Compositor Maps pt. 1
  • Compositor Maps pt. 2
  • Color Modifiers
  • Other Maps
  • Displacement Mapping
  • Material Map Navigator
  • UVW Mapping pt. 1
  • UVW Mapping pt. 2
  • Different Materials pt. 1
  • Different Materials pt. 2
  • Different Materials pt. 3
  • Get Material
  • Saving Scene Materials & Material Libraries
  • Put to Scene & Adding Extra Materials
  • UVW Unwrapping pt. 1
  • UVW Unwrapping pt. 2
  • UVW Unwrapping pt. 3
  • UVW Unwrapping pt. 4
Introduction to Lights
  • Different Light Types
  • Light Attributes pt. 1
  • Light Attributes pt. 2
  • Light Attributes pt. 3
  • Shadows & Shadow Attributes
Introduction to Cameras
  • Different Camera Types & Camera Controls
  • Camera Parameters
  • Clipping Planes & Environment Ranges
  • Safe Frames
Introduction to Rendering
  • Some Render Settings
  • Rendering Still vs. Multiple Images
  • Render Elements
  • Rendered Frame Window
  • Time Configuration
  • Auto Key / Set Key / Create Key & Pivots
  • Animating on a Path
  • Curve Editor & Dope Sheet
  • Animating Modifiers
  • Animating Materials
  • Animating with Controllers
  • Animating with Constraints
Atmospherics & Effects
  • Fire Effects
  • Fog
  • Volume Fog
  • Volume Light
Particle Systems & Space Warps
  • Spray & Snow
  • Super Spray
  • PArray
  • Space Warps pt. 1
  • Space Warps pt. 2
  • Introduction to Particle Flow
Video Post Effects
  • Starfield
  • Lens Effects Glow
  • Lens Effects Highlight
  • Lens Effects Flare
  • Camera Cutshots
Introduction to Simulation in 3ds Max
  • Reactor Rigid Bodies & Soft Bodies
  • Reactor Rope & Water
  • Cloth Simulation pt. 1
  • Cloth Simulation pt. 2
  • Hair Simulation
Introduction to Biped & Bones
  • Structure for the Biped
  • Fitting Biped to the Character pt. 1
  • Fitting Biped to the Character pt. 2
  • Fitting Biped to the Character pt. 3
  • Physique
  • Introduction to Bones
  • Skin
  • IK vs. FK
  • What Else is Possible With Bones & Biped?
  • Wrap Up
  • About the Author

3DS Max 2009 Video Tutorial

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