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This Microsoft Word 2013 Tutorial Video Online Training gives you a complete and easy-to-follow guide to the number one writing software on the world. By watching these step by step tutorials presented by expert tutor Melanie Hedgespeth, you can learn how to become more productive with this common tool and save hours of time. In over 8 hours of hands-on training lessons, you will acquire a more professional perspective to will help you approach your documents with the end goal in mind, without scouring the toolbar menus for needed features as you go along. Beginners as well as more advanced users will find plenty to learn in this Word 2013 training because so much is covered. Everything from basic document design with layout, text and images, to charts, tables, and equations, to building time-saving macros, performing mail merges and ebook formatting is explored. To get started with the Word 2013 tutorial and go beyond the free lessons, all you have to do is sign up for your plan. Membership also comes with total access to hundreds of other tutorial video online training courses on the site.

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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
Introduction Word 2013 Fundamentals Working with Files Views
  • Read Mode and Layout Views
  • Outline View
  • Master and Subdocuments
  • Other Viewing Options
Working with Text
  • Insert and Edit
  • Formatting pt. 1
  • Formatting pt. 2
  • Formatting pt. 3
  • Find and Replace
  • Symbols and Equations
  • AutoText
  • AutoCorrect
  • Using and Modifying Styles
  • Creating Styles
  • Import / Export Styles
  • SkyDrive and Styles
Page Layout
  • Margins
  • Orientation and Size
  • Columns
  • Breaks pt. 1
  • Breaks pt. 2
  • Hyphenation and Line Numbers
  • Cover Page
  • Headers / Footers
  • Page Numbers pt. 1
  • Page Numbers pt. 2
  • Page Numbers pt. 3
  • Insert and Navigate a Table
  • Table Layout
  • Table Design
  • Convert Text to Table
  • Sorting and Formulas
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Cloud Storage
  • Using SkyDrive pt. 1
  • Using SkyDrive pt. 2
  • Using SkyDrive pt. 3
  • Inserting Pictures pt. 1
  • Inserting Pictures pt. 2
  • Inserting Pictures pt. 3
  • Formatting Pictures pt. 1
  • Formatting Pictures pt. 2
  • Formatting Pictures pt. 3
  • Formatting Pictures pt. 4
  • Online Pictures
  • Flickr Photos
Shapes and SmartArt
  • Using Shapes
  • Formatting Shapes pt. 1
  • Formatting Shapes pt. 2
  • Integrating SmartArt
  • SmartArt Design
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Picture SmartArt
  • Create a Chart
  • Chart Design
  • Chart Format
  • Chart Templates and Excel Charts
Text Inserts
  • Text Box
  • Quick Parts pt. 1
  • Quick Parts pt. 2
  • WordArt
  • Drop Cap
  • Clip Art Drop Cap
  • Signature Line
  • Date / Time / Objects
Screenshots and Clippings
  • Insert a Screenshot
  • Insert a Clipping
  • Formatting Screenshots and Clippings
File Types
  • Options
  • Export
  • Dictionary
  • Legalzoom
  • Avery Templates
  • OmniPage File Converter
  • Other Apps
  • Online Video
  • Embedded Code
  • Create a Video
  • Elements of Good Video
  • Hyperlinks pt. 1
  • Hyperlinks pt. 2
  • Bookmarks
  • Cross-Reference
  • Themes and Document Formatting
  • Watermarks
  • Page Colors and Borders
  • Table of Contents pt. 1
  • Table of Contents pt. 2
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Citations and Bibliography
  • Captions
  • Index
  • Table of Authorities
  • Mail Merge Wizard
  • Mail Merge Labels pt. 1
  • Mail Merge Labels pt. 2
  • Other Merge Options
  • Envelopes and Labels
Collaboration and Review
  • Proofing
  • Language pt. 1
  • Language pt. 2
  • Comments
  • Tracking pt. 1
  • Tracking pt. 2
  • Compare
  • Protect
  • Using Templates
  • Normal Template
  • Creating Your Own Template
  • Build a Macro
  • Customize and Delete
  • Table Macro
  • Contact Information Macro
  • Page Setup Macro
  • Ribbon Macro Button
  • Protect Document
  • Inspect
  • Versions and Properties
  • Account
  • Connected Services
  • General Options
  • Display Options
  • Proofing Options
  • Save Options
  • Advanced Options pt. 1
  • Advanced Options pt. 2
  • Additional Options
  • Word Ebook Format pt. 1
  • Word Ebook Format pt. 2
Web Page
  • Simple Web Page Setup
Time Savers
  • Tips for Word
  • Course Wrap Up
  • About the Author

Microsoft Word 2013 Video Tutorial

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