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The Audio Recording Tutorial Video Online Training is designed to allow users to quickly become experienced at recording, creating, and editing digital audio using some of the best software on the market. This online tutorial series is capable of equipping you with the skills you need to effectively utilize and record digital audio, be it music or general sound design. Taught by an experienced teacher and digital audio specialist, the Audio Recording Tutorial Video Online Training video series offers a suitable introduction to using, creating and editing digital audio. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced sound engineer looking to refine your skills or an novice with no prior experience, this online video course will give you the knowledge necessary to produce exceptional audio. Users will quickly benefit from the instructor's quick and intuitive online video lessons because of the visual format and examples which cover basic sound design before working up to advanced options in engineering, recording, and audio manipulation. The online subscription program gives you access to this Audio Recording Tutorial Video Online Training course from your home computer.

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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
History of Audio
Workstations / Equipment
Room Design / Acoustics
  • Acoustics Basics pt. 1
  • Acoustics Basics pt. 2
  • Acoustics Basics pt. 3
  • Programming
  • Problems and Solutions

Songwriting / Producing
  • Songwriting pt. 1
  • Songwriting pt. 2
  • Arranging
  • Recording Process
  • Producing pt. 1
  • Producing pt. 2

  • Waves
  • Synthesizers
  • Oscillators
  • Filters
  • Envelopes
  • Modulation
  • Types of Synthesis
  • Sampling

  • History of MIDI
  • MIDI is a Protocol pt. 1
  • MIDI is a Protocol pt. 2
  • General MIDI
  • Using MIDI in your DAW
  • MIDI Recording
  • MIDI Editing pt. 1
  • MIDI Editing pt. 2
  • Quantization
  • Controllers
  • Control Other Equipment
  • Make MIDI Sound Real pt. 1
  • Make MIDI Sound Real pt. 2
  • Make MIDI Sound Real pt. 3

Signal Flow / Routing
  • Signal Flow vs. Routing
  • Insert
  • Auxiliary Send and Return
  • Distortion
  • Digital Routing in Pro Tools
  • Digital Routing in Logic
  • Digital Routing in Reason

Digital Audio
  • Digital Audio
  • Nyquist Theory
  • Recording Audio
  • Latency
  • Audio File Management
  • Editing Audio pt. 1
  • Editing Audio pt. 2
  • Editing Audio pt. 3
  • Cue

  • Microphone Types
  • Microphone Patterns pt. 1
  • Microphone Patterns pt. 2
  • Microphone Positions and Techniques
  • Microphone Examples pt. 1
  • Microphone Examples pt. 2
  • Microphone Examples pt. 3
  • Microphone Examples pt. 4
  • Microphone Examples pt. 5
  • Microphone Examples pt. 6

  • Compression Theory pt. 1
  • Compression Theory pt. 2
  • Compression Controls
  • Compression
  • Limiting
  • Gate
  • Sidechain

  • Equalization Types pt. 1
  • Equalization Types pt. 2
  • Equalization Examples pt. 1
  • Equalization Examples pt. 2

Time-Based Effects
  • Delay
  • Reverb pt. 1
  • Reverb pt. 2
  • Reverb Types
  • Natural Ambience
  • Chorus / Phase and Flanger

  • Setting Up The Mix
  • Levels and Panning
  • Groups / Sub-Mixes and Busses
  • Compression Techniques pt. 1
  • Compression Techniques pt. 2
  • Gating Techniques
  • Equalization Techniques pt. 1
  • Equalization Techniques pt. 2
  • Reverb in Mixing
  • Delay in Mixing
  • Automation
  • Mixdown

  • Purpose of Mastering
  • Mastering Tools
  • Mastering Techniques pt. 1
  • Mastering Techniques pt. 2
  • Authoring a CD
  • Loudness Wars
  • CD Authoring and Duplication

  • Project and Professional Studio Integration
  • Wrap Up
  • About the Author

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