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This Beginners Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 Tutorial Video Online Training offers a complete guide to the essentials of this powerful drafting and design suite. Going step by step through the program's drawing and annotation tools, new users will learn how to develop complex plans that can be easily read, printed and shared for professional collaboration. No other online guide to AutoCAD provides the same level of focus or such consistent high quality through all of the materials covered. Professional CAD manager and consultant Shaun Bryant presents each tutorial with the beginner in mind, helping you understand how major tools and commands work on their own, with other tools in AutoCAD and within real world projects. You'll also get time-saving shortcuts that allow you to work more efficiently without sacrificing any quality in the final results. Because it's presented in studio quality audio and video, the lessons are easy to follow, and much more relatable than static screenshots and text. To get hands on with the AutoCAD online lessons shown here, simply sign up for the affordable monthly plan. You'll also be able to instantly watch all other tutorial video online training courses on the site.

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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
Introduction New Features Explained Drawing Interface Status Bar: Section 1
  • Icons ON/OFF
  • Coordinates
  • GRID
  • SNAP
  • POLAR - Polar Tracking
  • OSNAP - Object Snaps
  • 3DOSNAP - 3D Object Snaps
  • OTRACK - Object Snap Tracking
  • DUCS - Dynamic UCS
  • DYN - Dynamic Input
  • LWT - Lineweight
  • TPY - Transparency
  • QP - Quick Properties
  • SC - Selection Cycling
  • AM - Annotation Monitor
Status Bar: Section 2
  • MODEL/PAPER Button
  • Quick View Layouts
  • Quick View Drawings
  • Isolate Objects
  • Application Status Bar Menu
  • Clean Screen - CTRL+0
Setting Up
  • STARTUP Variable
  • Units
  • Limits
  • Layers
  • MS - Spacing Layer
A Basic Title Block
  • Setting Up Your Sheet Outline
  • Using OFFSET pt. 1
  • Using EXPLODE
  • Using OFFSET pt. 2
  • Using TRIM
  • Setting Text Styles
  • Switching on OSNAPs
  • Placing Title Block Text - TEXT
  • Placing Notes Column Text - MTEXT
  • Moving Title Block to LAYOUT - COPYBASE
  • Page Setups
  • Creating Default Viewports
  • Saving as a Template (DWT)
Working in the Model Tab
  • RECTANGLE Command
  • Using OTRACK
  • ARC Command
  • OFFSET Command
  • CIRCLE Command
  • POLYGON Command
Modifying Your Drawing
  • SCALE Command
  • MIRROR Command
  • MIRRTEXT Variable
  • Rectangular ARRAY
  • Polar ARRAY
  • EXPLODE Command
  • MOVE Command
  • STRETCH Command
AutoCAD Blocks
  • Using Layer Zero
  • Inserting a Block
  • Editing a Block In-Place
  • Using the Block Editor
  • Exploding & Purging
  • MIRRORing Blocks
Using Text
  • Setting Text Styles
  • Single-Line Text - TEXT
  • Multi-Line Text - MTEXT
  • Editing MTEXT
Creating Views in 2D
  • SIDE View pt. 1
  • SIDE View pt. 2
  • END View pt. 1
  • END View pt. 2
  • Named Views
  • Setting Up Layouts
  • Setting Up Viewports
  • VP Freeze
Annotative Dimensioning: Section 1
  • Dimension Styles pt. 1
  • Dimension Styles pt. 2
  • Annotation Scale
  • LINEAR Dimensions
  • ALIGNED Dimensions
  • ANGULAR Dimensions
  • RADIUS Dimensions
  • DIAMETER Dimensions
  • Dimension Sub-Families
  • CONTINUE Dimensions
  • BASELINE Dimensions
  • Dimension BREAK
  • Dimension SPACE
  • Dimension Editing
  • Annotation Monitor
Annotative Dimensioning: Section 2
  • Changing Annotation Scale
  • Setting New Viewport Scales
  • Setting Multiple Scales
  • Setting Multiple Viewports
General Annotation
  • Multileader Styles
  • Multileaders
  • Editing Multileaders
  • Editing Leaders
  • Table Styles
  • Inserting Tables
  • Editing Tables
Transitioning to 3D
  • Setting Up the Model Space
  • Workspaces
  • Using Model Viewports
  • ViewCube
  • Navigation Bar
  • Views
  • Visual Styles
Basic 3D Techniques
  • Polyline Edit pt. 1
  • Polyline Edit pt. 2
  • Polyline Edit pt. 3
  • EXTRUDE pt. 1
  • EXTRUDE pt. 2
  • Solid Editing UNION
  • Changing Z Values
  • Creating Regions
  • Solid Editing SUBTRACT pt. 1
  • EXTRUDE pt. 3
Basic 3D Editing
  • PRESSPULL pt. 1
  • PRESSPULL pt. 2
  • Selection Cycling - SC
  • EXTRUDE Multiple Objects
  • Solid Editing SUBTRACT pt. 2
Additional Techniques
  • Hatching
  • Hatch Edit
  • Gradient Fill
  • Editing Gradient Fills
Final Drawing Setup
  • Checking Viewports & Scales
  • Checking Annotative Objects & Scales
  • Setting Up 3D Views
Plotting & Publishing
  • Checking Page Setups
  • Single Plots from Layouts
  • Batch Plotting / Publishing
  • Exporting to DWF
  • Exporting to PDF
  • Using Design Review
  • Autodesk 360
  • AutoCAD WS
Learning Resources
  • Welcome Screen
  • Online Help System
  • Course Wrap Up
  • About the Author

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