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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
Tools II
New In Freehand MX
  • Multiple Attributes
  • Live Effects
  • Live-Edit Graphic Primitives
  • Workspace
  • Flash Integration
  • Action Tool
  • Connector Lines Tool
  • Fireworks MX Integration
  • Extrude Tool
  • Modify Blends
Working With files
  • Launch Freehand
  • Start Document
  • Page Size and Orientation
  • Adding Pages
  • Move Pages
  • Organizing Pages
  • Selecting and Deleting
  • Page Bleed
  • Master Pages
  • Saving/Closing/Quit
Views And Guides
  • View Modes
  • Page Rulers
  • Work with Guides
  • Work with Grids
  • What is a Layer?
  • Using Arrange Commands
  • Paste in Front and Back
  • Viewing and Renaming
  • Duplicating/Removing
  • Reorder Layers
  • Moving Objects
  • Non-Printing Layers
  • Displaying
  • Locking
  • Changing Color
  • Rectangles and Squares
  • Ellipse
  • Lines
  • Polygons
  • Stars
  • Freeform
  • Variable Strokes
  • Calligraphic Pen
  • Spirals
  • Arcs
  • Tracing Artwork
Points And Paths
  • Points
  • Bezier Handles
  • Joining Paths
  • Types of Points
  • Adding/Deleting
Pen And Bezigon
  • Pen Tool
  • Pen Tool Options
  • Bezigon Tool
  • Curves
  • Adding Points
  • Info Toolbar
  • Copy and Paste Attributes
  • Scaling
  • Rotating
  • Reflecting
  • Cloning
  • Duplicating
  • Power Duplicating
  • Transformation Handles
  • Freeform Tool
Working in Color
  • Defining Colors
  • Swatches
  • Eyedropper Tool
  • Create Tints
  • Color Libraries
  • Basic Fills
  • Gradient Fills
  • Lens Fills
  • Tiled Fills
  • Custom and Textured Fills
  • Pattern Fills
  • PostScript Fills
  • Stroke Colors
  • Basic Strokes
  • Brush Strokes
  • Calligraphic Strokes
  • Custom and Pattern Strokes
  • PostScript Strokes
  • Introduction
  • Blending Paths
  • Color Blends
  • Modifying Blends
  • Attaching Blends to a Path
  • Printing Blends
Extruding Objects
  • Create an Extrusion
  • Using Profiles
  • Surface Options
  • Create Text Blocks
  • Auto-Expanding Blocks
  • Text Attributes
  • Using Links
  • Applying Borders
  • Importing Text
  • Paragraph Attributes and Effects
  • Tabs and Alignment
  • Columns and Rows
Editing Text
  • Using the Text Editor
  • Special Characters
  • Spell Check
Text Effects
  • Attach Text to a Path
  • Text Alignment on a Path
  • Special Text Effects
  • Paragraph Rules
  • Text Wrapping
  • Inline Graphics
  • Converting Text to Paths
Graphic Hose
  • Graphic Hose Tool
  • Storing Objects
Automating Freehand
  • Styles
  • Defining Styles
  • Renaming Styles
  • Editing Styles
  • Parent/Child Duplicating
  • Creating Symbols
  • Editing Symbols
Path Operations
  • Joining Paths
  • Clipping Paths/Masking
  • Knife Tool
  • Simplify Command
  • Add Points Command
  • Intersect Command
  • Union Command
  • Punch Command
  • Divide Command
  • Inset Path Command
  • Emboss Command
  • Fractalize
  • Animate
  • Chart
  • Pictograph
  • Cleanup
  • Color Adjustments
  • Colors and Organizing Swatches
  • Create Blends
  • Delete
  • Distort
  • Other
  • Path Operations-Expand Stroke
Charts And Graphs
  • Entering Data
  • Chart Styles
  • Modifying Charts
  • Chart Colors
  • Pictographs
  • Basic Printing Options
  • Advanced Printing Options

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