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Topics covered on this tutorial video include:
Starting a Project
Creating Tasks
Working with Resources
Assigning a Resource to a Task
  • Adjusting individual Resources
  • Assigning Resources
  • Adding Additional Resources
  • Assigning Material
  • Lag and Lead Time
  • Setting Constraints
  • The Critical Path
  • Change Calendar for Tasks
  • Delete a Calendar
  • Change Timeline
Creating a Plan
  • Create a Resource Pool pt. 1
  • Create a Resource Pool pt. 2
  • Using the Resource Pool
  • Viewing Overallocations
  • Overallocation Report
  • Resolve Overallocations
  • Leveling Overallocations pt. 1
  • Leveling Overallocations pt. 2
Tracking Progress
  • Linking Summary Tasks
  • Saving a Baseline
  • Tracking Project as Scheduled
  • Entering a Completion Percentage
  • Entering Actual Completion Values
  • Updating the Baseline
  • Add a Note
  • Check Project Duration
Editing Task Details
  • Interrupting Work
  • Changing Task Types
  • Entering Deadlines
  • Entering Fixed Costs
  • Set Up Recurring Tasks
  • Sorting Project Details
  • Grouping Project Details
  • Customizing Tables
  • Customizing Views
  • Using the Organizer
  • Checking Project Finish Date
Editing Assignment Details
  • Entering Multiple Pay Rates
  • Resource Availability at Different Times
  • Delay the Start of Assignments
  • Apply Contours
  • Duration and Manual Contours
  • Apply Different Cost Rates
  • Material Consumption Rates
Sharing Project Information
  • Copy and Paste
  • Exporting to Other Apps
  • Opening in Other File Formats
  • Saving to Other File Formats
  • Printing Views pt. 1
  • Printing Views pt. 2
  • Printing Reports
  • Publishing as a Web Page
  • Add an image to Web Page
  • Publishing as a GIF
  • Formatting a View
  • Create Custom Gantt Chart
Using Project Server
  • Create a New Enterprise Project
  • Publishing a Plan to the Server
  • Tracking Work with Project Server
  • Reporting Work with Outlook
  • Keep Stakeholders Informed
  • Managing Risks
  • Managing Issues
  • Managing Documents
  • Wrapping it Up
  • About this Author

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